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Natural Stone” refers to various items mined from the earth. Many use it as construction materials and architectural additions, for several thousands of years.

Granite, Travertine, Shale Slate, Sandstone, Quartzite, Onyx, Adoquin, and others. Experts handpick natural stones from the finest, most consistent sources for longevity and elegance. After all, they are more than just rocks.

Even between pieces from the same source, natural stone items vary in composition, colour, and texture. Typically, this is an asset, lending itself to one-of-a-kind projects and special, dramatic uses.

If one wants a natural look that will carry them to simpler days, then a perfect choice is stone layouts. Stone tiles provide versatility, along with elegance. They are graded and rated according to their porosity. Sandstone retains water the most, and the least porous of all naturally occurring stones are granite. For outdoor and indoor locations, the varying degrees of water retention help decide the form of stone for the tiling is ideal.

Stone tile flooring brings timeless charm and natural appeal. It is a great way to bring about a rustic yet chic element indoors. For longevity and elegance, stone tile is a great choice. They have a high-end appearance at a relatively lower price and are somewhat simple to manage. Their power and elegance make them perfect for higher areas of traffic.

One central aspect determining the utility of a stone tile is oxidation. Stones, especially white marble, have the potential to discolour. It turns yellow due to oxidation over time. The presence of moisture and iron activates this reaction.

Yellow-brown stains that appear like they are originating from the inside-out are due to oxidation. A standard percentage of iron exists in marble, and if the stone gets exposed to large levels of water such as a leak, a flood, or constant humidity such as in the shower area, the iron will rust. Suppose one’s service water has a high iron content. In that case, the act of cleaning the stone could deposit tiny iron particles into the stone, which could inevitably accelerate the process of oxidation.

But the oxidation process and stains can be kept in check with a little bit of care and supervision. Most varieties require occasional resealing to avoid the problem.


They are durable as they can withstand heavy traffic on foot. They provide a sleek, natural look that one can not achieve from other products. Allergens or dust do not attract quickly, making them easy to clean and maintain.

The addition of stone tiles to one’s home or any space will raise the property’s value, making it easier to sell it in the future.

One can give their home or any space an undoubted one-of-a-kind look because each stone is different.


Depending upon the porosity of the stones, the maintenance might vary. Some types may need a frequent application of a sealing agent to avoid liquid damage. The price could be more than the allotted budget. Due to the stones’ porosity, they may even crack quickly.

Another issue is that they might run out in stock before completing the project because they are naturally occurring and not artificially made.

So if one is looking to make their space look unique and one-of-a-kind while having a decent budget, natural stone tiles are the way to go! They are durable, easy to maintain, and age very well with time.