3 Key Advantages of Penetration Testing

June 15th, 2020 by

3 Key Advantages of Penetration Testing

The modern world is full of all sorts of technology. The internet alone gave rise to the evolution of the social media structure that we know now. E-commerce, online banking, and other cryptocurrencies emerged as newer and more effective ways of trading. But with the rise of higher technology also came the emergence of online hacking. Please make no mistake about it: The threat of cybercrime is real. It is with this premise that penetration testing has become an essential security measure for almost all companies with internet access.

The growth of office and mobile applications and features increased in the past two decades. But with its development comes new risks. Internet professionals search for anti-hacking solutions via more modern forms of security processes and testing. An information technology infrastructure does penetration testing, by running tests and checking if the system is vulnerable to misconfigurations, damaging end-user behaviours, and service errors. The results and evaluations confirm if defence mechanisms are effective. It also validates if the end-users adhere to security protocols.

Detect threats to security and compliance

The main reason why you allow penetration testing for your whole system is the fact that any malicious online threat can leave your data vulnerable. Confidentiality from end-users and the company is not reliable, especially when no checks were made for some time. Any business information can be stolen or corrupted by your business competitors and cyber hackers. How can your organization defend itself from all security hazards? This type of testing checks for faulty processes so your company can improve them.

The tests can also ensure that the company is compliant with its respective auditing facets, such as HIPAA and GLBA. So your business can rest assured that there will be penalties and fines meted on you.

Lessening network downtime

When your business system is hacked, a lot of things can go wrong. Your whole organization may need to be shut down for some time due to a compromised network. The information technology department may need to check, recheck, and fix all damages.

The disruption of your company’s services will eventually take its toll. While all this is happening, your company may undergo several unfavourable changes. There will be reduced revenues and possibly debilitating financial harm. Other effects are lesser employee productivity, remediation efforts, and trade associates who may decide to pull out their investments.

Penetration testing ensures that financial setbacks are minimized. The detection of security breaches eliminates the need for more extended downtimes. You can then bring back the business to its former, secure state.

Protection of company image

There is a saying that goes by “any publicity is good publicity.” But generating negative press releases may result in a tragic loss of finances, if not the whole company itself. When customer data is compromised, the brand name suffers. Clients will remember you for even just a single leak of consumer data. So when a company does one or a series of penetration testing over some time, the reliability and reputation of the business will not suffer.

Penetration testing is all about company safety with regards to saved information – both sensitive and non-sensitive data. Whenever there is a change in network infrastructure, testing experts should always be called in to check. Ensure that there you are protected from cybercriminals, and there is no disruption of business operations. Get consultants to test and fix vulnerabilities within the system for the peace of mind of you and your employees.

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