Enjoy an amazing Winter without suffering Back Pain

November 19th, 2019 by

Enjoy an amazing Winter without suffering Back Pain

Do you often suffer from back pain in the cold weather? Do back pain make you become more troublesome in winter than it is in other seasons?

Well, studies have provided some proof between the connection of back pain and cold air. This disease is now still a problem where you may not do anything else but to lessen the pain.

Let us share with you five helpful methods to help minimize your back pain in winter days.

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Why Does Your Back Pain Worse During Winter?

During winter, the temperature decreases; thus, the muscles shrink, blood circulation becomes slower or stuck. This situation causes the joints within the human body, especially one with constant joints pain, to become stiff. The body, the back then are hurt when one moves around. 

Not only that, patients with injuries or Herniated Disc often suffer from back pain and may be struggling more in winter because of an objective cause, the lack of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is usually produced when one exposes to the sun lights. During winter, there will not be enough sunlight for the body to produce vitamin D to support stronger bones. 

According to a study in Sweden around 2012, they found that the human body reacting to winter weather differs from other seasons. In particular, the outdoor-worked workers in winter would experience more pain in the back and neck than those ones working in warm conditions.

Total up all, the common understanding of the relation between winter and back pain are:

  • More sensitive nerves
  • More physical worries about slipping on or having to melt the ice
  • Tighten muscles causing more damages or pressure on nerves easily
  • Slow blood circulation

5 Steps to Avoid Back Pain from the Colder Air

Step One – Keep yourself warm

lower right back pain

Stay warm is a significant step to prevent any pain in winter.

Anytime you feel colder, try put on some more layers of clothes before the pain comes. Once your body experiences lower temperatures, your muscles will become tighter, and the connective tissue will become less flexible and shorter. As mentioned above, this is one of the main reasons, either your back or your neck pain becomes worse. 

Thus the practice to keep yourself warm is to make sure that your muscles will not become much tighter and protect yourself from any easy damages.

So what is a proper way to keep oneself warm?

There are several ways to keep your muscles warm that you can apply besides overdressing. You can use warming patches available in many pharmacies. It will keep in warm for your back muscles, but the time does not longer last. 

A battery-powered vest is also an exciting option that can save you from coldness outdoors for a more extended period, though with higher cost and unknown risks of electricity under this moist weather.

With changes in the temperatures, you’d better adapt some warming up practices to avoid back issues caused by cold weather.

Step Two – Keep exercising

What do you often do during the winter?

When the weather becomes ugly, we often tend to crawl under the warm blanket and enjoy some good sleep. This activity is okay for one to enjoy a relaxing winter, but it is not much suitable for one with a history of back pain. 

The reason behind it is because it makes your muscles used to be lazy and weak, and thus, unable to protect your spine well as it should be. 

Though there are many well-known exercises that one can do during winter, there are only a few practices that are appropriate for people with back pain.

Swimming: As water can help lessen your body weight, swimming may help you to exercise without much pressure on your spine and muscle. 

“But swimming during winter? Are you serious?” Nope, you can always look for a heated indoor pool and enjoy some warm sauna after that. Sound enjoyable already, right?

Heated swimming pool. 

lower left back pain

Indoor Yoga: If you prefer to stay inside than to go outside, try to follow a Yoga instruction online every morning. This exercise would not force you to stress your spine too much as lifting weight or running. Stretching to get your muscles warming up is already enough to start your day.

Dancing: Are you a fun-lover? Then instead of trying to follow some slow-motion yoga moves, let’s enjoy some fun dance with your family. That counts as well! Just remember not to overdo it and hurt your back again.

Step Three – Environment Management

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Pre-planning is a must. 

This term is not about pollution control. The environment management involving in some approaches to creating a suitable environment for the pain in your daily plan to get the pain in control. Such plan includes:

  1. Warming up before leaving the house, during the time outside and after coming back home:
  • Do some exercising after waking up
  • Take a hot shower to increase your body temperature
  • Turn on the heater in your bathroom during a shower
  • Drink or eat something hot to warm up your body inside out
  • Heat your car in 18 minutes advance before going
  • Select warm-keeping clothes
  • Avoid slippery with suitable shoes or booth
  • Set up the automated thermostat for your home before arriving home.
  • Have your bed warmer before going to sleep
  1. Plan your activities to best suit your limits of pain endurance
  • Do not allow yourself to stay outdoor longer than you can bear or use the mentioned warming pad/battery-powered vest
  • Avoid heavy activities
  • Avoid contact of your back with cold objects

With prior planning and proper management, you can go out worry-free about enduring the pain this winter!

Step Four – Apply Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Implementing a Healthy Anti-Inflammatory Diet. 

The above three steps are about fighting the pain, while this next fourth step is about preventing the illness.

Inflammation is unpleasantly the cause of more back pain. If you do not already understand it and try to avoid it through the selection of nutrition, you may not prevent further impact on your current pain. There are foods lead to inflammation and vice versa.

You may tackle inflammation by avoiding a wide range of candy, pies, cookies, holiday treats, and fudge. The secret here is restraint, so please do not bring home a ton of Grandma’s cookies! 

Empty snacks, margarine, or other trans-fat foods, highly processed goods, and junk foods such as potato chipping should be included in your must-not-consume list. 

Instead, you may try to emphasis on anti-inflammatory food, including a variety of fruits, whole grains and fresh vegetables, magnetic slicing of organic foods, nuts, and other healthy fats.

You may also wish to discuss taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as green tea, curcumin, ginger, or any other medications with your psychiatrist, pharmacist, or chiropractor.

Step Five – Find profession support

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Let someone help you!

Remember this; it is never a waste to ask for a helping hand. Though you may want to take care of yourself alone, reaching out for professional help may lead you to better treatment of your back pain situation, especially when it is getting out of support during winter. 

The available remedies in the market can often provide you a full treatment package, from medicine to exercise that is more suitable for your condition, and An Cot Nam is one of those for a suggestion. You can find out more about An Cot Nam through thoatvidiadem.net website. It even includes free acupuncture, acupressure, and medical steam.

Expertise in treatment for back pain, the people provide this remedy may help you to overcome the painful situation during winter but also other seasons as well. If you can go through a full length of treatment, the pain can even become lessen in the next winters, and finally, you can enjoy the cold weather without any further worries.

Final words, I hope these recommendations can work out so that you can enjoy the winter to the fullest!