The First Fit: Clothes for Newborn Babies 

December 11th, 2019 by

The First Fit: Clothes for Newborn Babies 

Babies, especially newborns, rarely need anything other than comfort. A full tummy and a comfortable environment are all they really need to be happy. With this baby comfort in mind, newborn baby clothes need to match up to the expectations. Baby rompers and newborn onesies are among the most comfortable baby clothing to use for a child. Newborn baby clothes need to be essentially made of breathable fabrics, and the fit should be a little on the looser side, so the newborn has space to move if needed. Rompers and onesies are both clothing options that are one-piece outfit options. 

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The Benefits of Onesies and Rompers 

These are worn until a baby wears diapers since they help hold the diaper in place. After about 2-3 years of age, they stop being very functional, although a baby in cute rompers is a sight everyone loves. 

They also are very convenient to put on and change, and as any parent of a newborn would agree, this is a deciding factor when they dress their baby every day. The zippers and snap buttons these clothes come with make changing clothes a breeze, and the baby does not have to be moved around too much. Open the bottom snaps and one can change a diaper without having to take all the clothing off. 

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A Word on Rompers 

Baby rompers look very cute, but they also seem like a lot of work to put on. However, rompers are one-piece clothing that can be put on by themselves, without an extra shirt or pants. These are usually considered to be a summer clothing staple for newborns. 

Rompers can be put on a baby even when the baby is asleep – they are that convenient. 

A Word on Onesies 

Newborn onesies are an outfit that can be worn in place of a shirt and bottom wear. It is like an overall for babies, and the warmer varieties are ideal for the colder months. Some 0-3 months onesies even have cute hoods on them for the chilly weather, or even between seasons. Similar to rompers, onesies make it easy to change a diaper since they too have accessible snaps and buttons on the bottom. They offer great comfort and convenience and can make for a versatile garment in your newborn’s closet. 

Onesies also serve as very convenient pyjamas for sleep, and babies do look absolutely adorable in these. 

The Convenience 

Every parent needs a comfortable, easy-to-use option when it comes to their newborn’s clothing. One-piece items like onesies and rompers are ideal in such cases. Bear in mind the quality of the cloth, and the stitching when buying these items. Most brands offer very good quality pieces. Breathable fabrics like cotton and linen work well for summer outfits. Slightly thicker, mixed fabrics like denim are ideal for transitory weather conditions. Winters and cold weather, of course, call for heavier fabrics like wool. A cotton garment worn under a thick wool onesie will ensure that the baby remains warm.