An Overview of the Biggest Fashion Trends in 2019

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An Overview of the Biggest Fashion Trends in 2019

An Overview of the Biggest Fashion Trends in 2019

 Fashion Trends in 2019

Embracing the latest fashion trends can be a fun way to take on the new year. It’s also a great chance to experiment with different styles and see which looks are for you and which ones aren’t. Who knows, you may like one of the following trends so much that it becomes a part of your regular style year after year!

Here are some of the biggest fashion trends this year, as seen on Instagram influencers, the runways, and the celeb elite:

Head-to-Toe Leather

90s style has made a comeback in recent years, and it seems here to stay for a while longer. This year, head-to-toe leather was seen all over the F/W runways in rich colors like mustard, teal, burgundy, and orange. Some of the popular leather looks included jackets, wide-leg pants, long trench coats, pencil and bubble skirts, and just-below-the-knee boots.

If you’re not feeling head-to-toe leather, invest in a leather jacket, pencil skirt, or a pair of boots that just hit the knee. Try one of the styles out in a fun color to add some excitement to your look. And don’t hesitate to browse eBay or thrift stores to save money on a long-term leather piece to add to your wardrobe.

Borrowing from the Boys

This year it’s all about borrowing styles from the boys. Many popular menswear styles that you might not expect — particularly some of the fashion styles beloved by poker players over the years — like sportswear, western wear, polos, and blazers have been seen on the runways, fashion editors, and influencers.

For the sportswear look, try pairing an oversized jersey with leggings, or even a team tee with relaxed jeans. To make the look even trendier — think of Bella Hadid or Hailey Baldwin — try pairing either outfit with heels or boots. For western wear, fringe is the most popular element of the moment, so try out a jacket or purse with fringe. As for polos and blazers, rugby shirts are once again trending, and oversized menswear blazers are currently having a moment.

Teal and Orange

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As mentioned in relation to the head-to-toe leather trend, these two colors will be very popular this year. Although teal and orange might seem more appropriate for spring or summer, they were on all of the runways for F/W ‘19. But influencers and fashionistas can’t wait for fall and have been indulging in this trend early, so expect to see these colors around this spring and summer, too.

The takeaway: don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors this fall and winter. While you don’t have to totally forget jewel tones and black during the colder months, bold colors like orange and teal will add some life to your wardrobe. Try out a dress or blazer in one of these colors, or else opt for a mini handbag in orange or teal to add a small pop of color to your look.

Retro Preppy

This year, preppy styles from the ‘70s to ‘80s will be especially popular. This overlaps with the polo trend mentioned earlier, but with a preppier spin — think ‘70s all-white tennis style or a day at the country club. As for some of the other retro preppy styles that will be returning, they are pantsuits and skirt suits in bold colors and prints, turtlenecks, colorful silk scarves, trench coats, tweed, and checkered prints, A-line skirts, wide-leg trousers, and calf-length skirts.

The retro preppy trend also includes references to old school Ralph Lauren and movies like Heathers and Annie Hall. To get this look, try pairing a blazer with a below-the-knee skirt and some knee-high leather boots. If that’s a bit too much for you, skip the long skirt and opt for a mini skirt or jeans instead.

Curious about some more trends that will be popular this year? Check out our list of the top trending accessories for 2019.

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