Activities You Should Not Do After Cataract Surgery

November 10th, 2019 by

Activities You Should Not Do After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a big deal. It can cause the eye to be very sensitive and prone to being easily irritated. There are a few general activities that you should try to stay away from after cataract surgery. Staying away from them might prove difficult but it would help you to get the best out of your corrective treatment. Here are a few of them.


 After your surgery, you may have errands to run or places to be. However, it is important that you do not drive after this surgery. Cataract surgery is a major eye surgery and driving after it may put you and other road users at risk. Instead, get someone to drive you, or if possible run the errands on your behalf.

Bending Over

 After getting cataract surgery, avoid bending over. Instead lay on your back with your eyes facing up. Bending over puts extra pressure on your eye and can cause pain and you do not want anything to slow down the healing time. Also, if you can avoid it, do not vomit or sneeze after surgery. This is also to prevent putting extra pressure on your eyes.

Heavy lifting

Try to keep away from any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a few weeks after your cataract surgery. When you lift heavy objects, you could have the tendency to squeeze your face and in turn, put a strain on your eyes. After surgery, your eyes are still trying to heal and doing anything too strenuous can inhibit them from healing as quickly as they should.


Your eyes are still very sensitive after you have just gotten cataract surgery. You may be itching to dip in the pool, swim or splash at the beach and sit in the hot tub after surgery but you probably should not. These are breeding spots for infections so doing this can put you at risk of contracting an infection or irritating your eyes.

Avoid dusty areas

This might be hard but try to avoid dusty, windy and dirty areas. This also includes avoiding smoke, pollen and generally air polluted areas. Irritants such as this can cause your eye redness and irritation and can cause you infections. They can also slow down your healing time after surgery.

Touching the eyes

 This should go without saying but remember not to touch your eyes after your cataract surgery. Our hands carry a lot of bacteria and touching our eyes constantly can transfer bacteria from our fingers to our eyes and cause irritation and infection. It can also cause you discomfort from the itchiness it would cause. Also, be careful when doing general activities like walking around after surgery so that you would not bump into doors or other objects.

Remember to avoid any form of stress after cataract surgery. Stress can cause the body to heal slower than it should and can heighten whatever discomfort that may come from surgery. For more information on cataract surgery and any other eyesight concern, visit Guy’s and St. Thomas’s Private Healthcare.