Love Your Skin Again: 4 Serious Signs You Need Acne Medication

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 Love Your Skin Again: 4 Serious Signs You Need Acne Medication

50 million US adults are affected by acne every year.

Are you someone who wishes they had clear skin? Don’t worry, nowadays there are solutions to leave you with an acne-free complexion.

If you’re struggling with severe acne, you may have already tried many methods to get rid of it. However, if you’re now not sure what to do, check out this article.

We’ll look at a few serious signs that it’s time to turn to acne medication for help.

1. You’ve Tried Over the Counter Products

If you haven’t tried this step yet, it’s worth starting with. However, you need to commit to a routine to see results.

This could involve cleansing once a day with a product which contains glycolic acid. Then, use a toner which contains salicylic acid but remember this ingredient will dry out your skin, so use it as instructed.

Next up, choose an acne treatment which contains 2% benzoyl peroxide. Again, this can be harsh on your skin, so don’t overuse it as it won’t provide any further benefits.

Look for products with retinoids which help turn over skin cells and decrease oil production. Finally, add a moisturizer which is oil-free and specifically for acne.

If you’ve stuck to this routine and found that your skin hasn’t improved over a month or two, it may be time to speak to a doctor.

2. Your Severe Acne is Causing Scars

Is your acne a few zits that appear once a month or is it extremely severe and resulting in painful pockmarks?

If your skin is prone to scarring then it will be doing long term damage to your skin. This may be very concerning.

It is harder to treat scarring than it is to treat acne. It’s time to consider help, such as these Canadian Drugs.

3. Your Acne is Not Just On Your Face

Is your acne spreading to other parts of your body? Although it is certainly irritating to have acne on your face, it can be covered up with makeup.

Whereas, if it is on other parts of your body as well, you may find that your confidence is knocked somewhat.

If your acne is widespread, it can be difficult to treat and certainly needs looking at by a professional as this is a hard task to undertake on your own.

4. You’ve Spoken to Your Doctor

A serious sign that you need acne medication is your doctor telling you so. Do not ignore their advice.

However, if you’ve found this conversation has gone the other way and your doctor sent you away without treatment, reschedule another appointment.

This time around, head to the doctor’s office during a bad breakout and without wearing any makeup so they can see the extent of your acne.

If they believe your acne is severe, they will certainly provide you with acne medication. But, they need to be convinced first that you simply don’t have a few pesky zits.

Acne Medication Can Boost Your Confidence

When it comes to acne, you may find that it is damaging your self-esteem. But, by accessing the right acne medication as soon as possible, you can change this.

Don’t wait and dwell over the state of your skin, take a proactive approach. While you wait for your appointment, make sure to eat well, get enough sleep, and reduce your stress levels.

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