The Source of Health & Vitality: Indoor Plants

July 30th, 2019 by

The Source of Health & Vitality: Indoor Plants

What is beauty? A house is laden with flowering plants. Oh! It’s a delight to behold! Avowed much for their scenic beauty, indoor plants have a lot more to offer us. From making our homes a vibrant place to enhancing our sense of well-being to purifying the air we breathe, indoor plants can be your ideal refuge from the outside world as well as a source of health.

Extensive research by NASA reveals that plants indoor can remove up to 87% of harmful toxins from the atmosphere in 24 hours. Also, studies have proven that indoor plants help improve concentration, productivity, happiness level, and more, thus making them ideal for your workspace, too. By introducing plants into your home and workspaces, you start to notice an enhancement in your overall happiness and health. Not only they create a space that is enthralling to live in, but they also help with loneliness and depression: seeing them thrive and the bloom is both a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Do you need more reasons to incorporate the wellspring of beauty and health– home plants into your life? Well, you surely don’t.

But, before creating your ideal green heaven, it is worthwhile to spend a little time researching the plants best suited for your architectural design and environment. Take into consideration the following points:

  • Nurture Plants For Restful Slumber: Succulents, Orchids, Snake Plants are rare species of indoor flowering plants India that emit oxygen at night when photosynthesis stops which make them ideal for bedrooms and getting peaceful night slumber.
  • Beware of Sunshine: Most of the house plants are unfriendly to direct midday sun, so please be wary of this when planting plants inside in your home. Look for the most obvious signs such as leaf burn, sudden flower fall, spotting, etc. If you ever encountered such a situation, don’t panic because most of the plants can be rescued. Make use of organic fertilizers to revive the plants.
  • Some Plants like High Temperatures: Exceptions are a part of this world. While we know that indoor plants don’t like much sunlight, there are certain varieties of indoor flowering plants India that like hot temperatures. Grace your sunroom or super hot room with ferns, palms, succulents, cacti as they all are lovers of heat.
  • Jazz Up Your Home Inexpensively: If the monetary factor is holding you back from making plants an indispensable part of your home, then do away with all your worries. Owning plants doesn’t have to be expensive: take a cutting from your friend’s plant or a local nursery and propagate your plant from scratch. Therefore, plants make for an economical and gorgeous choice to style up your living room, adorn the windowsills, etc. Have fun with containers, display your plants in beautiful ceramic, copper, glass vase.

Nourish plants within the walls of your home and office to summon beauty, grace, peace, and wellbeing into your life.