Caring for Curls

September 3rd, 2020 by

Caring for Curls

Are you a naturally curly-haired beauty or a newbie diva who wants to embrace lush curly locks? Then here’s your one-stop guide for looking after curly hair.

Keep these tips in your back pocket to rock a head full of beautiful curls:

Avoid Frequent Shampooing

Due to their curly nature, the natural oils produced by the scalp to moisturize our hair have a hard time traveling from top to bottom. This is why curly hair need not be shampooed daily as they are already very dry. Frequent shampooing can frazzle delicate hair strands and further dry out your curls.

Curly Hair are Thirsty Hair

Since curly hair can be deprived of natural oils, you may have to take extra care of them. Make conditioner your best friend; start pre-conditioning your hair before shampooing or enhance curls with curl cream . Apply it thoroughly by sectioning your hair and use your fingers to separate your curls. Let it be for at least 20 minutes.

If your hair is super tangled, put on a plastic cap or wrap your hair up with a towel to invite heat which opens up your hair cuticles and lets moisture penetrate more deeply. Also, wash your hair with cold water as they shut your hair cuticles that lock in moisture.

Cancel Towel-Drying

Use cotton shirts or blots instead to avoid excess frizz and tangles. Let your hair air dry and if your hair is prone to getting more frizzy as they dry, lightly apply argan oil.

Splurge on Hair Masks

Find a hair mask that really suits you. No matter what the nature of your curls – parched, dull/dry, limp, or heat damaged – the answer always lies in moisturizing. Using a lot of hair products can cause further damage, which is why hair masks with organic ingredients are there to save the day! You can try DIY hair masks for curly hair to nourish your luscious locks with natural ingredients

Throw Away Your Hair Brush

Hair brushes are a nightmare for curls. Use a wide-toothed comb or finger-comb your curls after showering. Remember, wet hair is more prone to breakage when combed, so be super patient.

Avoid Hair Products with Alcohol

Hairsprays, mousse or other hair products with alcohol make curls ‘crunchy’ which is a big no-no! Your hair will be damaged and you’ll lose lusciousness and shine.

Get a Curl-Expert Hairstylist

Discuss all your curly hair related problems and solutions with a trustee curl expert. A haircut for your curly hair that will rock your world can make a straightener or curling iron disappear! An expert can also help you choose the right hair products and help you build a hair-care regimen that you can follow every day.

To have curly hair is a blessing we all need in our lives, but it needs to be cared for every step of the way. Whether you have natural curls or use a curling iron, doesn’t matter. Hair care should be a crucial part of our self-care routines.