Symptoms and treatment for Burst Eardrum in Hyderabad

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Symptoms and treatment for Burst Eardrum in Hyderabad

Are you aware that 432 million adults and 34 million children are suffering from disabling hearing loss? You’ll be shocked to know that more than 900 million people will significantly have impaired hearing by the year 2050! Doctors in Hyderabad believe the main contributing factor to loss of hearing is a perforated eardrum.

Obviously you don’t want yourself or your kid to be part of this percentage. Permanent hearing loss can bring your life to a halt. Continue reading as we discuss some of the symptoms to look ours for a perforated eardrum and the best available treatment for curing these symptoms.

Burst eardrum- what does it mean?

A burst or ruptured eardrum is simply a tear in the membrane that separates the outer ear from the middle ear. This membrane is known as the tympanic membrane and protects the inner ear from dust, water and other factors that can cause ear infections. In addition to protecting the inner and middle ear, it also helps you to hear. Care to know how? The membrane senses the vibration of the sound waves and converts them into nerve impulses which are then sent to the brain. Through a perforated eardrum, bacteria can enter into the middle ear and cause infections.

Some common causes for a burst eardrum

Interestingly, the causes of a ruptured eardrum are both common and uncommon. If you are aware of the causes then naturally you’ll be able to prevent them. Here are some causes that can rupture the membrane-

  • Infection- This is considered as one of the most common causes of an eardrum rupture in Hyderabad, especially in children. The reason being the rising pollution in the city. In this type of infection, the fluids get collected behind the eardrum. This causes pressure buildup behind the eardrum which can cause the membrane to break or rupture.


  • Changes in pressure level- There are other activities that can cause changes in the pressure level inside the ear that can lead to a perforated eardrum. This phenomenon is known as barotrauma. You might be thinking about how pressure can change inside the ear? Well, the pressure inside the ear is quite different from the outside. This changes due to some activities that you indulge in-
  • Scuba diving
  • Flying in an airplane
  • Driving at high altitudes
  • Shock waves
  • A direct, forceful impact on the ear


  • Injury or trauma- Any injury or trauma to the eardrum can rupture your eardrum. The following activities can cause your eardrum to rupture-
  • A direct hit to the ear
  • Getting hurt during sports
  • When you fall on your ear
  • Car accidents
  • If you insert some foreign objects such as cotton swabs, fingernails, pens too deep inside the ear these can also cause eardrums to rupture.

Symptoms to look out for

The prime symptom for a burst eardrum is a severe pain inside the ear.  This can either remain steady throughout the day or vary in intensity.

Once the pain goes away from your ear, it begins to drain. This is a sure symptom of a ruptured eardrum. Some of the other symptoms that you should look out for if you have a ruptured eardrum are-

  • Severe pain or sudden decrease in pain in the ear
  • Bloody, clear pus oozing out of the ear
  • A continuous buzz inside the ear. This is also known as tinnitus.
  • Partial or complete loss of hearing in the affected area
  • Weakness or dizziness

Apart from these, children may also suffer from cold and flu. So in case, you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms visit an E.N.T doctor as soon as possible.

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What treatment I should opt for?

The main objective of the treatment of a ruptured eardrum is patching it up. Patching up a ruptured eardrum can be done only with surgery. But until you visit the doctor that can cure the problem, you can try these home remedies to get relief from the pain.

  • Place a warm, dry compress on the affected ear several times a day to get relief from the pain
  • Avoid blowing your nose unless it is absolutely necessary. This will promote healing as blowing your nose creates pressure in your ears. If you hold your breath, block your nose, and blowing it increases pressure inside the ear. This can be painful as well as slows does the process of healing.
  • Avoid using any over-the-counter eardrops without consulting with the doctor. The main reason being the drops can get inside deep into the ear and further complicate the problem.

Surgeries can be recommended when the pain is persistent. The surgery is focussed on repairing the tear. During the surgery, the doctor simply attaches a piece of your own tissue which helps to reconstruct the eardrum. Surgeries are performed for large perforations. The surgical reconstruction of a burst eardrum is known as tympanoplasty. Are you somebody who gets anxious when you hear the word ‘surgery’? Don’t worry as you can now opt for the most advanced treatment to heal the rupture.  The advantages of this advanced treatment which makes them so preferrable in Hyderabad are-

  • Repairing of the hole through the anal canal without any visible incisions.
  • The healing is faster compared to other treatment options.
  • There is almost no pain as the whole procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia
  • This treatment option can be performed within a couple of hours hence, you’ll be able to go back home after thorough monitoring.

Fortunately, there are only a few ENT clinics in Hyderabad which are equipped enough to provide these advanced treatments. The doctors at these clinics are highly-experienced in addition to being specially trained to provide these surgeries. As the number of clinics is less, waiting and delaying the treatment will not be wise. If you have any kind of pain in your ear, visit your nearest E.N.T doctor immediately!