The Elegant Black Diamond Ring Is The New Gold

September 25th, 2019 by

The Elegant Black Diamond Ring Is The New Gold

A black diamond ring has become quite a popular alternative for the less traditional bride-to-be. The impressive black stone offers the bride with a wide variety of different styles and gives her an opportunity to create an exclusive signature jewelry piece. When it comes to a fancy black diamond the most famous choice is to design the ring with contrasting features; the amazing gemstone definitely has no kind of limits.

Vintage Classic Halo Cushion Black Diamond Ring


It is widely believed that black diamond originates from a meteor which fell from the sky millions of years ago. Research also established that black diamond was created in the same way as colorless diamonds; the component, carbon was compressed 150km – 200km under the earth’s crust due to high pressure and extreme heat.

 Black Diamond Ring

Black diamonds may also have a few fractions which turn into the dark in color due to graphitization. The concentration in the diamond will always be appearing black where the polycrystalline structure prevents the gemstone from highlighting any light. A black diamond is entirely opaque and doesn’t have the refractive index as a colorless diamond, but still remains amazing in its own right. This beautiful gemstone can only be found in specific parts of the world.

Black diamonds are part of the elegant color diamond family, and like most fancy color diamonds the gemstone is quite rare and valuable.

But fortunate for a black diamond enthusiast, the gemstone is considered to be fairly affordable with the value based on the intensity of the color.

A natural fancy black diamond ring is relatively affordable, but definitely it depends on the size sought after. Treated black diamond, however, is significantly less expensive and the demand is very low as most prefer the real thing. Natural fancy black diamonds are usually cost-effective.

Normally, white, blue, pink, and red diamonds are considered the prime diamond colors for the investment. Natural black diamonds are found in very few locations around the world. These areas include Brazil and Central Africa.

Black diamond always looks actually wonderful on jewelry and has been seen as the glowing centerpiece of jewelry for both male and female, from cufflink to engagement ring, wedding band, and necklace. Maybe you are most likely to see, appreciate, and enjoy your diamonds when they are set in a piece of jewelry for you to enjoy, and there is totally no risk for the health of your diamond if you wear it and use it.

 Black Diamond Ring

People today let themselves fall in love with a particular diamond and set it into a piece of jewelry so that they can completely enjoy their purchase to the greatest extent possible. If it is time to celebrate a special occasion or something that you bought just because, a diamond is a stunning gesture of eternity, traditions, and love and we encourage you for enjoying it for a long time.

 Black Diamond Ring

A black diamond ring or jewelry item is not just amazing, it’s mesmerizing. If you’re looking to make a statement or hoping to dress up an outfit for a classy evening out, the black diamond ring will most definitely do. In the end, a black diamond is a great option to create a breathtakingly gorgeous contrast between different colors of diamonds. Any questions by phone (+1) 800-231-7851