9 Ways to Save Money on the Latest Fashion Collection In 2019

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9 Ways to Save Money on the Latest Fashion Collection In 2019

The fashion industry is growing at a rapid speed. According to a recent finding by the McKinsey Global Fashion Index, the fashion industry grows by 5.5 percent annually, and it’s now worth about 2.4 trillion. This is mainly attributed to the obsession with fashion and clothes, especially among the millennials who want to be on top of things every time.

Others follow fashion trends religiously and want to always look fabulous and trendy whenever they step out.  However, the latest fashion trends are expensive and can easily blow your budget. But, smart ways exist that you can leverage to save money when shopping for the latest fashion collection. Here is a quick overview of the top tips to save on the latest fashion collection in 2019.

Buy fashion wear at the right time

You can save a lot of money on your fashion wear if you buy at the right time. For example, if you’re looking to buy the latest kids clothing, January and August are the best months to do that. And if you’re a fashion fanatic and like to shop every week, Thursdays are the best days to do that. Ideally, shopping offseason is the best way to get good deals on the latest fashion wear.

No need to buy expensive clothes when you can rent

Cloth renting stores are increasingly becoming popular today because people find it economical to rent for a single than buy. Even celebrities have adopted this practice. If they want to attend a special event, they simply rent that fashion wear and save up a ton of money. You can also do the same to cut back on your monthly clothing expenses.

Rigorous research can help you save a lot of money

When the latest fashion wear hits the market, it becomes available on many online platforms. And the truth is that not all the platforms will sell it at the same price. Some online stores offer great discounts and coupons to people who buy them through their online stores. But it’s not easy to find such discounts and coupons, which is why rigorous research is important. Check out different online stores or e-commerce websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Topman/Topshop, and New Look and compare prices. Additionally, check out the percentage of discounts on coupons, and if they offer free shipping. With good research, you can find the latest fashion collection at really reasonable prices.

Have a budget

While the desire to wear the latest clothing in the market is high, you can’t just go out there and spend like crazy. You need to have a budget to know how the amount you can afford to spend every month. Budgets are good because they are fluid. That means what appeared in your last budget doesn’t have to be in the next.

Go for fast fashion

Fast fashion is whereby a trend is picked up from the runway, mass-produced and sold at a low price. Fast fashion lets you get the latest fashion trends on at really reasonable prices. And the good thing is that they look and feel as good as the high-street fashion designs.

Wait until the fashion design goes on sale

Some years back, you could wait for months for new fashion wear to go on sale. These days, they are going on sale so quickly that it would be unwise to buy them at full price. The price typically goes down every day after the day it goes on sale. You can get the same fashion wear at a reduced price a week after it goes on sale.

Make use of cash saving apps and coupons

A good example of a cash saving app is EBATES. The app gives you cash back for shopping on it. Ideally, you get a percentage back for any purchase you make on it. The percentage varies from one store to another and it’s paid out on a quarterly basis. Sign up is free and you can start accumulating your cash backs immediately. Also, a good way to save some extra money are fashion coupon codes. Sometimes you can score coupon codes up to 80%. Just make a quick search on Google with the term “brand” + “Coupon Code* and you will see a list with the sites offering coupons.

Invest in top-quality clothing

While top quality clothing is expensive, it would last longer alleviating the need to buy fashion wear every month. You can buy top-quality fashion brands while sticking to your budget.

Take great care of your clothing

This is the most important aspect to save money on clothing purchases. If well taken care of, clothing can last longer. Hand washing, less washing, air drying lighter ones and using vacuum storage bags can help take care of your clothing.

Next time you go out shopping for your fashion wear, keep in mind that you can save big on those expensive fashion brands. With a little research on the tips highlighted above, you can be sure to massively cut back on your fashion expenses.

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