5 Tips for Upgrading Your Beauty Routine

August 25th, 2020 by

5 Tips for Upgrading Your Beauty Routine

If 2020 has you feeling a little blah, a pick me up in your beauty routine may be just what the doctor ordered! Enhancing your skincare and makeup regimens can help you discover different looks, illuminate your inner glow, and emphasize the parts of your face you like most. If you want to rev up your beauty or skincare routine for any reason, here are five tips for a brighter and blah-busting face.

  1. Consider the properties of CBD in your skincare regimen.

When considering what to incorporate into your skincare routine to give you a little extra oomph, think about CBD. CBD and hemp skincare products can help reduce inflammation, increase moisture levels, and give you a glow only CBD oil can achieve. MarigoldBotanicals makes clean, organic hemp and CBD oils and other products to help give you a restorative shine to your skin unrivaled by other skincare brands. While it may seem trendy, CBD can do more for your skin than you may realize.

  1. Less is more, less is more, less is more!

Don’t overdo your beauty routine just because you’re overhauling it. You may find that using less product on your face, be it a less harsh brow, a lighter contour, or skipping foundation, could actually give you a completely different look that packs just as much glow. Using less makeup overall can also help you define the parts of your face that have the most natural beauty. You may find that your freckles aren’t worth covering up at all, and actually give you a cute, unique look.

  1. Emphasize the parts of yourself that you like most.

A big tip for applying any type of makeup is to choose one part of your face that you like most, then emphasize that part. For some people, it’s their bone structure, while for others it may be brows or lips. For still others, it could be the color or shape of your eyes. If this is the case, consider DIY magnetic eyelashes, which accentuate your natural lashes through the use of an easy magnetic lash that clings to your lash line for a full lash effect. Even if they are magnet eyelashes, they don’t have to look like you’re wearing a big set of lashes. Make sure trim the provided lashes and adhere them to the lash strip right along your natural lash line for the optimal effect.

  1. Go bold one day a week.

If you’ve adopted the “less is more” lifestyle but are still missing your bright lip colors and smokey eyes, decide to go “all out” one day a week. Choose whichever day you’d like—maybe even give it a fun name like “Fancy Fridays” or “Made-up Mondays.” These days will enable you to try out new looks or trendy makeup without incorporating it fully into your beauty routine. Think of a bold day as a launchpad for the new routines and techniques you’ll adopt into your everyday makeup and beauty regimen.

  1. Adopt “Self-care Sundays.”

If you want to make sure you take some extra time for grooming each week, consider adopting “Self Care Sundays.” Denote a day of the week that you’ll take care of all those little preening and skincare things you haven’t gotten done the rest of the week. Do a face mask, rub in a hair mask or scalp scrub, do a full-body shave or wax, moisturize your body, or tend to your eyebrows. Whatever you may consider being part of your deep beauty and skincare routine should be completed on your given self-care day.