4 golden wardrobe rules of an important Zoom meeting

October 24th, 2020 by

4 golden wardrobe rules of an important Zoom meeting

Once upon a time it was unheard of. Now, Zoom meetings are ‘the’ thing in business – and one only has to cast their mind over the Zoom numbers to see how many people are relying on such software. In fact, there are umpteen other platforms that you can use. The point we are trying to make is that online meetings are part of the new normal, and probably will continue to be indefinitely.

Today isn’t about tackling any of the technical teething issues, but rather about looking towards your own appearance. In an age where first impressions mean everything, here are four golden wardrobe rules for an important Zoom meeting.

Set the tone (business casual is a safe bet)

First and foremost, you need to set the tone. You may have had some form of dress code in your old office environment, but now no such rules apply (at least, most companies are not bothering to specify them).

It should go without saying that pyjamas are most certainly out of the question. The safest bet is business casual and if we were to only deliver one piece of advice in this section, it would be to always overdress (even more so if the meeting is with external clients).

It’s at this point that we should also highlight that the same rules apply with your beauty regime. This isn’t the point to experiment; the camera can be utterly unflattering in some situations. Instead, stick to a tried-and-tested range you are used to from a reputable location like Covent Garden.

The importance of getting the right ‘Zoom’ neckline

One area where you need to pay particular attention to is with your neckline. The last thing you want is to cover up your neck; this can provide the image of an almost-floating head to the camera.

By the same token, your neckline obviously can’t be too low. It’s all about finding the right balance – which might sometimes involve tinkering with your camera position as well.

Be wary of structured fits

As most of us know, there are some huge advantages to structured and slim-fits. It has almost become a trend in itself.

When it comes to Zoom calls, a degree of caution is needed though. There needs to be at least some flexibility within your outfit; you don’t want shoulders being pulled out or an overly defined figure whilst sat in front of the camera!

Keep an eye on the shine-factor

Something else to keep an eye on is the fabric. Again, in the office environment (almost) everything goes, but the camera can play strange tricks on an outfit.

Anything too shiny can be picked up and rebound light all over the place. Remember, you need to be the focal point of your meeting, not potentially bamboozling light around a screen.

By the same token, beware of the sheer factor. This is something else the camera can manipulate to ill-effect with potentially disastrous results!