Best Business Tendencies in 2020

September 25th, 2020 by

Best Business Tendencies in 2020

Businesses have always been major contributors to every country. The entrepreneurs today are smart enough to accept the changes for some good. They along with technology have reshaped the world. The increasing awareness about technology has made people also support them. In this article e will discuss some of the trending business and sorting the spam from the scams and how to deal with both?

Technological advancements have also affected the business.2020 is shaping a new world with the latest technology, increasing green awareness, how national health is distributed unequally, and how the middle class is shrinking.

Here are some business tendencies in 2020:

  • Robots are the new employees– Artificial intelligence is taking human jobs because of its virtually limitless applications. Smart assistants, smart bots and much more are making AI an important part of the industry but the reality is this will increase the employment rate across the world.
  • 5G- Another trending business is 5G, the latest buzz that is expected to change in the industrial revolution. The speed at which the carriers and telecoms are spending money on rolling out 5G infrastructure into their networks is worth noticing.
  • 3D printing and Nanotechnology– Do you know you can print a coffee mug kept on your desk? Yes. The latest 3D printing can make this possible. To add to an advanced level- the 3d printing is entering a new phrase with biological engineering. That means in the next few years, we will be able to print our skin.
  • Change in entertainment levels- Google and social media are known to change the entertainment level as a part of technological advancement. There is a change in the viewer’s choice of the machine along with technology that has brought this change.
  • Newspapers have become outdated.-It’s social media, mobile phone apps, and the internet are the latest news providers.

Do you know there are 2.7 billion mobile users across the world? The mobile industry is one of the most booming industries now.

As everything comes with its plus and minus. The same goes for the mobile industry. On the one side, it is booming like no one and on another side, the spammer’s have taken the responsibility of disadvantages.

 What is a spam caller?

Spam calls are robot calls and telemarketers who call to sell something to you. But many times, these calls can be annoying. It is necessary to differentiate between spam calls and spammers as spam calls can be hanged but scammers can harm you besides wasting your time on call.

Always remember a spam caller will never share hos details. A spammer can track your email addresses by using the automated software and entice people to share their details on fraudulent sites.

Scam call

These are the calls that are for demanding cash or some secret information. They are not restricted to calling but use other ways like text messages, online transactions, email, and online shopping.

An email regarding the death of your relatives and they ask you to pay something to inherit the property. Also, there are emails that you got $20000 in lucky draw. To calm, pay some amount, etc. Some scammers are perfect in their work, so it’s better to identify them.

Ways to deal with scammers

Try to find out if the caller is fake or real and inform the authorities about it. You can even take the help of social media in tracking the details of the caller.

After you have recognized the scam, it is necessary to end the call and inform your bank to cancel all possible recurring. You can also inform the police about it. For any unexplained transaction, inform your bank.

Phishing email scam is another way through which criminals send emails to people pretending to be a bank person, credit card companies, or online shopping and try to convince you to change your password for safety reasons. The email looks real but always remember, banks, credit card companies will never ask you to change your password themselves. Never give any personal data on random emails like this.

Hope reading this article will help you to know about the latest trends in 2020 and the difference between a scam and spam calls.