13 Hair Care Tips for Different Hairs

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13 Hair Care Tips for Different Hairs

Hair Care Tips for Different Hair

The principles are no different from physical health It is used the same principle. Daily attention to prevent major problems. This is a good strange Tips to help you have beautiful hair. Hair is not just attracting the A effects. I recommend trying to do.

Chic Your Hair Now!

  1. Using cleaning products Treatment of post-production Organic FF. The use of natural materials and processes. Chemical-free as possible. To protect and maintain healthy hair. Sustainable beauty.
  2. From blood products for the Hair Germ, Jojoba Oil – Coconut, beard Martin, vitamin Biotin, Pan T North Hotel, vitamins A, E and essential oil from grains. Roots will nourish Hair. Prevent hair.
  3. Cleaning Hair. Use fingertips gently massage. Over your head at least five minutes after washing out with body massage 5 more minutes to stimulate blood circulation around the root Hair.
  4. Hair should let dry naturally. Or use a fan to help blow dry Avoid using all electrical equipment. Hairdryer and bending wave axis or pin Hair.
  5. Maintain the balance of the shape. If you’re having limited calories. I should eat in every category. Essential needs of the body. Is the most effective over the beauty of the Hair Treatment of a post. Or Serum.
  6. Should pool and Hair. To massage the shampoo. Conditioner every day. Or at least every other day. To stimulation of the balance of the scalp. And strengthen the building oil Hair nourished by natural processes.
  7. A shampoo that is pH neutral. After the pool should be washed with water at room temperature. Or cold water for a little shine. Do not use hot water is strictly prohibited. Hair because of weak.
  8. Do not Brush Hair as drench should wait for the damp and use the Easy Brush away. Hair pulled to avoid the stretch. The assault Hair.
  9. Eliminate dandruff by using Jojoba oil, rosemary oil extract or 1-2 drops of essential oil of tea, head massage 15 minutes, then rinse This will nourish Hair. If the routine every week.
  10. Restoration Hair dry and damaged by the fruit extract Apple Cider mixed with water in a ratio of one to one massage Hair and rinse, then gradually followed by Cream Hair texture concentrated natural ingredients made every two weeks Hair will gradually return alive. And shine.
  11. To Hair to shine. Should be brushed with a comb dipped oil extraction Car Mo Smile. Lemon oil or extract. Jojoba oil in the ratio to one. And let it dry naturally every day. Do not use a different oil. Hair without mixing with Jojoba is strictly prohibited. Because the concentration will hurt to lose Beautiful Hair.
  12. If there is no time but want to see Hair shine. Use lemon juice 1 1 liter of warm water after cleaning head massage Hair. Then let it dry naturally. Instant Hair is shiny.
  13. Hair Flat atrophy should avoid using plastic comb material. Static electricity will make it even worse Hair. And should not be expected to rubber band Hairband or jewelry that fit Hair. A good way is to use brushwood. Easy miles or animal bone comb and let Hairstyle naturally. Hair to the skin to breathe.