10 Trending Wedding Makeup Looks for Any Bridal Style

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10 Trending Wedding Makeup Looks for Any Bridal Style

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, in which a bride must look her best. And what better way to look beautiful than to apply your makeup in the most natural way possible? Before you plan for your wedding day, you should consider your dress, hairstyle, and your makeup so that you can look your absolute best.

Now that you have an idea, let’s have a quick look at the most common makeup looks and how you can achieve them on your special day.

#1: Natural Look

You might not want to be a blushing bride. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot try out the makeup. All you need to do is go low on the contour and make sure that you look natural. Go for a nude shade of lipstick and don’t apply too much on your eyes, and you are all set.

#2: The Airbrush Look

Airbrush is a technique in which you apply minimal makeup to look camera ready. You can go ahead and use airbrush for applying foundation and a layer of blush in your cheeks. It will make you look natural and fresh.

#3: Glamorous Look

What makeup do you like to use when you are leaving your house? Do you use the highlighter or the lip gloss? Do you love using false eyelashes? Well, whatever you love to use while getting a glam look, you can use it on your wedding day. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it, as it will look brassy on the camera.

#4: Bronzed Look

Bronze tone would make you look ethereal when you are stepping on the altar on the wedding day. The gold and copper color add to the festive mood and can make you look not only beautiful but also aristocratic. All you need to do is use a highlighter that reflects your skin tone and a metallic lipstick shade.

#5: Classic Look

If you are looking forward to that timeless look, no matter what you do, then you can always go for the classic look on your wedding day. You cannot go wrong with the retro look, especially if this is what you use as an everyday makeup. Just make sure that you pay special attention to your eyelashes and also your chin and cheeks.

#6: Smokey Eyes Look

This is not exactly a traditional makeup idea. You can use the smokey eyes look in any function or any occasion. However, when it is your wedding make sure that you also use other makeup forms to accentuate the smokey eyes. That means including the proper blush and lip gloss to get the smokey eyes look.

#7: The Matte Look

Not a fan of glittery stuff? Well, then you can always try the matte look. With the help of nude shades and a light shadow and eyeliner, you can get the matte look. For better results, keep a blotting paper with you, so that you can blot out the excess makeup even when you are out. You can always run the blotting paper before taking photographs.

#8: The Earthly Look

Do you want to look like a goddess at this wedding? Well, then you are going to love the ethereal look for your wedding or any famous occasion. Try using shimmery eye shadows and highlighters, which will give you the earthly look. Apply the base on top of your cupid’s bow and cheekbones, and you will have a different look than your everyday one.

#9: The Colorful Look

This is the century old traditional look, that you can try not only at your wedding, but also on any party you visit. Based on your skin tone, you can choose the pink lipstick and colorful eye shadow. You can also go for a maroon eye – liner and a ruby red lip. Remember not to overdo your makeup when you are trying it.

#10: The Glossy Look

This is just a common makeup idea, that you might have tried on different occasions. Try the glittery eye shadow along with a bronzer and of course the shiny lip gloss. Remember to blot out the excess makeup so that you don’t look garish on camera. Also, you can add in some stones to your perfect look to make it stick out.

Now that you have an idea of what are the different wedding makeup ideas you can try, it is time to start planning for your wedding makeup and look. Depending on the type of wedding gown that you are choosing, you can also plan your wedding makeup. After all your wedding comes only once, and you should spend some time to look your absolute best. Check out more wedding makeup and beauty tips at styleaurora.com

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